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An increasing number of people carries a mobile phone with internet, camera and large computing power. iSPEX, an add-on with complementary app, instantly turns a smartphone into a scientific instrument to measure dust in our atmosphere. The user attaches the add-on on the phone and points it towards blue sky and takes a picture, it… Read more »

Registration for participation opened

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Leiden, 22 February 2013 Project iSPEX has officially started – registration for participation opened AT THE MOMENT¬†THIS PROJECT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE NETHERLANDS. PARTICIPATION OUTSIDE THE NETHERLANDS IS NOT POSSIBLE Click here to participate in the iSPEX project! Registration for the large citizen science-project iSPEX, “Measure aerosols with your smartphone” is opened. As of… Read more »

iSPEX in the Volkskrant

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On Februari 17, the Dutch national newspaper Volkskrant, published an article on citizen science with iSPEX as an example. The article has the title: A growing army of amatures helps with scientific research

Interview on iSPEX in Trouw

Posted by & filed under news. Dutch national newspaper Trouw interviewed Hester Volten, member of the iSPEX team about our citizen science project.  

Rotterdam excited about iSPEX

Posted by & filed under in the media, news., the website that bring local news, published an article on the iSPEX project. It also states that enrolling in the project can also be done via milieucentrum rotterdam.

iSPEX on the cover of NTvN

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The Februari edition of the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Natuurkunde (Dutch Magazine of Physics, NTvN) placed iSPEX on their cover and published an interview with Frans Snik about iSPEX. Read more on the NTvN website.