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Citizen science network produces accurate maps of atmospheric dust

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Measurements by thousands of citizen scientists in the Netherlands using their smartphones and the iSPEX add-on are delivering accurate data on dust particles in the atmosphere that add valuable information to professional measurements. The iSPEX team, led by Frans Snik of Leiden University, analyzed all measurements from three days in 2013 and combined them into… Read more »

Thousands of Dutch citizens take part in the first national iSPEX-measure-day

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The first Dutch national iSPEX-measure-day yielded more than 5000 measurements. With this enough data has been gathered to call the iSPEX-measure-day a valid scientific experiment. iSPEX-teamleader Frans Snik is happy with the massive response of the participants, despite the long wait for good weather and dawning summer holiday. During the day there were two measure… Read more »