iSPEX data

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On this page the datafiles can be downloaded that are generated using iSPEX measurements during several measurement days. These data can also be viewed within Google Maps by following the corresponding link.

08-07-2013: iSPEX_ASCII_130708 , Google Maps 8 juli 2013.
09-07-2013: iSPEX_ASCII_130709 , Google Maps 9 juli 2013.
05-09-2013: iSPEX_ASCII_130905 , Google Maps 5 september 2013.

The iSPEX data of July 8th 2013 is visualized in Google Maps below:

Choose a different day or part of the day:

8 juli 2013
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9 juli 2013
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5 september 2013
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The datafiles containĀ 6 comma-separated-values per iSPEX measurement:


The measurement value AOT is not subject to legal norms. Additional information is required to interpret these data in terms of air quality. For instance, the relatively high AOT values on July 8 and 9, 2013 were caused by smoke clouds from forest fires in North America, which were blown over the Netherlands at an altitude of 2-6 km. See the publication “Mapping atmospheric aerosols with a citizen science network of smartphone spectropolarimeters” for a discussion about the accuracy of the iSPEX data.
If you want to use these data for a research project, please notify us at , as we would like to support such studies.