Academische Jaarprijs 2012

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The “Academische Jaarprijs” (academic yearprize) is a contest organized by the NWO, KNAW, NRC carriere, SNS Reaal fons, the city of Leiden and DDK in collaboration with Labyrinth TV, a public television program of VPRO and NTR aimed at translating scientific research for the general public. The team that wins the contest receives €100.000 to realize it’s plans.

For this prize, we strive to use iSPEX in a large scale citizen science project within the Netherlands, where the participants themselves do atmospheric measurements with the aim of detecting and characterizing aerosols. The money we would recieve if we win the prize, will be invested in the production of 10.000 iSPEX iPhone add-ons which will be distributed among the enthousiast participants of the iSPEX project. With the use of the free app, a participant can use iSPEX for measurements on aerosols.