How to get an iSPEX?

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We have organized two national iSPEX measurement days on 8 July and 5 September 2013. For these days about 10.000 iSPEX units have been distributed for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5. Thanks to the Academic Year Award and sponsoring by our partners, the iSPEX add on could be sold at €2,50 a piece (including shipping costs). This is a fraction of the production costs. Lung Foundation donors and subscribers to KIJK, Know How and Zo Zit Dat could order an iSPEX unit for free.

Currently, the iSPEX add-ons are sold out. The latest information on iSPEX can be found on this page and on our twitter feed and facebook page.

The choice for specifically the iPhone and not other phones has to do with the fact that each smartphone is differently shaped, and in particular has a camera in a different location. The iPhone 4, 4s, and 5 are popular models that differ relatively little from eachother which means that the iSPEX will fit on all three models.