Asthma foundation is a new iSPEX partner

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The inhalation of air containing aerosols has large effects on public health. The smallest particles will get deeply into the lungs and tend to stick there. This makes the Asthma Foundation (Astmafonds, soon to be Longfonds) a logical partner in our quest for the detection of aerosols. Of the 10,000 iSPEX add-ons we intend to make, we will reserve 2500 to be distributed among members of the Astmafonds.

The Astmafonds will use the aerosol-maps of the Netherlands that will be created by the iSPEX project. The foundation will also help with the creation of education kits and general education material on the health effects of aerosols.

The final step?

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Dominika Dabrowska (left) and Olga Muñoz (right) show us the IAA Cosmic Dust Laboratory

This week, three members of the iSPEX team were already in Granada for the European Aerosol Conference (EAC 2012), which created a very nice opportunity to visit the IAA Cosmic Dust Laboratory. This laboratory of the Instituto de Astrofísica Andalucía makes the translation between specific types of aerosols, and their scattering behaviour for more scattering angles than iSPEX will ever measure.

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iSPEX design keeps getting better

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The iSPEX design is finished! In the final version of the design, we have added a small lens. This allows for a shortening of this add-on for the iPhone by approximately half, compared to earlier designs. Near the end of september 2012, a first batch of iSPEXes will be made by injection molding. This is just in time for us to present the latest version at the Discovery Festival. So, if you would like to see this new and improved iSPEX for yourself, then come the 28th of september to Amsterdam!