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NOVA: Leiden Observatory, Leiden University

NOVA is the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy. It is a cooperation between the four Academic Astrophysics departments in the Netherlands.

Visit the NOVA website (Dutch only):

Leiden Observatory is the astrophysics department of Leiden University.

Visit the Leiden Observatory website.

Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON)

SRON is the Dutch institute of expertise on space research.Visit

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

How do we keep ourself and our environment healthy? That is the challenge of many local, national and international governments and professionals face each day. The RIVM conducts research, advises and supports the government with this challenge. Bezoek

Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute is the national data and expertise centre for meteorology, climatology and seismology. Visit

Partners of iSPEX:

Naast de leden van het consortium leveren ook onderstaande partners hun bijdrage aan het iSPEX project.

Main partners


Production partners

 APS Group was voorheen Relate4U

Education Partners


Distribution Partners



Het IOP Photonic Devices programma (Ministerie van EZ,L&I)