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There are different ways to join in the discussion on the iSPEX project.

At the moment, the forum is not yet active. However, you can follow us on twitter and participate in the discussion by adding @ispexnl or #ispex to your tweet. Through our twitter feed, all the important milestones and news items are posted. These posts are also visible on the righthand side of this website.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found below. Is your question not answered on this page, and do you rather ask this question by email, you can reach us via info@ispex.nl.

  • Why should I participate in the iSPEX project? answer
  • Is there an English version of the app? answer
  • How much does it cost me to get an iSPEX and the app? answer
  • Can I already get an iSPEX somewhere? answer
  • Does iSPEX fit on any smartphone? answer…
  • What is the difference between iSPEX and existing measuring techniques? answer…
  • Can I use iSPEX to monitor aerosols in my direct environment? answer…
  • The national iSPEX measurement day will be helt at a clear sunny day. Will there be as many aerosols in the sky as during a normal or cloudy day? answer…

Why should I participate in the iSPEX project?

It all sounds very nice, this iSPEX project. But why should I participate? What is in it for me? To answer these questions it is important that you have read the why is it important page. In short, the page explains that aerosols have an impact on three key aspects of your life: your health; the economy; and the climate. At the moment, much is unknown about aerosols, and that is where you can help! So, if you think it is important and fun to contribute to scientific research on such an important topic, that is a good reason to participate in the iSPEX project.

Is there an English version of the app?

Unfortunately at this moment, there is no Enlish version yet. However, if you don’t speak Dutch, you can find the translation of the most important messages of the app here. That should be enough to get you going.

Under construction

The FAQ is work in progress.  We focus on the Dutch site, because we want to do the first experiments with iSPEX in the Netherlands during a national measurement day in 2013. If the experiments with iSPEX in the Netherlands are successful, we will look for ways to go international. We will try to update the English FAQ page regularly. If you can’t wait, please feel free to direct your questions to info@ispex.nl