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An increasing number of people carries a mobile phone with internet, camera and large computing power. iSPEX, an add-on with complementary app, instantly turns a smartphone into a scientific instrument to measure dust in our atmosphere. The user attaches the add-on on the phone and points it towards blue sky and takes a picture, it is as simple as that. The data is sent automatically to a central database that combines all the measurements with other specialized stations to make a national dust chart. Every iSPEX user will gain awareness to several urgent problems related to dust in our atmosphere, and by means of crowdsourcing everyone can do one’s bit to contribute to solve these problems. The data collected through iSPEX will lead to a better assessment of the health risks due to fine dust particles and whether or not volcanic ash clouds are dangerous for air traffic. It can also contribute to the understanding of the relationship between atmospheric aerosols and climate change.