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iSPEX registration

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Did you get an iSPEX-unit at an event and did not through Register your iSPEX-unit now by clicking here, so you can be updated on the app and the national iSPEX measure day!

Thousands of registrations for iSPEX measurement day!

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We are happy to announce that many thousand people have registered for participating in the iSPEX measurement day! You can still order an iSPEX add-on via, until the end of April. The map of the Netherlands with an overview of the registered participants look as follows:

Registration for participation opened

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Leiden, 22 February 2013 Project iSPEX has officially started – registration for participation opened AT THE MOMENT THIS PROJECT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE NETHERLANDS. PARTICIPATION OUTSIDE THE NETHERLANDS IS NOT POSSIBLE Click here to participate in the iSPEX project! Registration for the large citizen science-project iSPEX, “Measure aerosols with your smartphone” is opened. As of… Read more »